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You have last minute travel plans. Our hotel partners have unsold rooms. SavvyMob does the rest and gets you rooms up to 50% off.

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Quality matters to us and our 5000+ hotel partners in 50+ cities. Together, we bring you hotels for all your travel needs - business or leisure.

Book on the go,

Book today, tomorrow or a week from now – all on your phone. Secure payments and instant confirmations.

Hotel Partners

Maximize the daily revenue from your hotel property.

We help you rapidly and repeatedly fill unoccupied rooms with paying travellers. Our app offers a structured, technology driven process to help your hotel reach the growing number of last minute travellers, on their mobile devices.

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Reach the right audience.

We help you reach the new smart and connected Millennial Traveller. Offer them unsold inventories and curated upsells, all through our mobile only platform.

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Create, Promote and Sell!

We have built a simple and easy to use platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Promote and sell unsold inventory, specials, and other packages.

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Big Data Analytics.

We provide real time Analytics and Reporting solution to our partners. Offer cross-sells, upsells and packages based on social, mobile and location based data analysis and insights.

Corporate Travellers

Are you part of a SME?

Are you part of a SME? We’ll get you the hotel discounts offered to corporates! Corporate travel will never be simpler. Use SavvyMob’s vast network of hotels to get the best rooms at ever better rates. Free rooms on regular bookings guaranteed.



SavvyMob is always looking for people with the right kind of talent and a go-getter personality.

We believe in doing more with less. If you possess the efficiency and work ethic that we are looking for, we will provide you with more than just a "job opportunity". We believe in creating meaningful career options. We also have rewarding and flexible work opportunities for interns, just contact us.

About Us


SavvyMob is an on-demand mobile marketplace offering unsold hotel inventory to last minute travellers at the lowest price. SavvyMob aims to work with SMEs and Independent Travellers, helping them save up to 50% on their hotels costs.

Travel is a wonderful part of life. The places you go and the people you meet become a small portion of who you are. We at SavvyMob believe that travel should be a lot less hectic. We’re all about simplifying the way you experience new places, new adventures and new travels. It all starts with seamless hotel bookings, without any deadlines.


People behind SavvyMob

Bikram Sohal


Global technology business leader with over 15 years’ experience in the Internet, Mobile and Media industries. Launched and grew digital brands across APAC including CNN Travel,, Engadget and Autoblog. Corporate and start-up experience in the US, India and Hong Kong. MBA from Yale and undergrad from Punjab Engineering College.

Gappan Annamalai


General Manager with over 10 years of strategic consulting and operations experience in the digital media industry. Managed expansion of digital brands like, Engadget and Autoblog across APAC. Founded consulting and mobile start-ups and recently launched The Big Toss, a cricket gaming app. Alumnus of The Ohio State University.

Abhijit Bhandari

Product Manager

An hustler who loves his coffee and cannot resume his day without it. Abhijit loves making users happy and is focused to provide best selection to clients while delivering the best possible travel experience. When he is not working, he will be either catching up on his lost sleep, day dreaming, travelling and reading (anything and everything)

Nikhil Sindhu

Head of Sales

Likes to be called Nik! While not working with hotels and partners he likes to dine out and enjoys global cuisine. Wine lover and wine collector. Enjoys sports, especially tennis and still dreams to play at Center Court, Wimbledon. Listens to Jazz and Retro. A voracious reader where he reads about people and true stories. He loves his Hotels naturally and is a fabulous chef!

N Bhargav

Technical Lead

Love to build solid products and systems that scale. Will be found working with servers and code most of the time. His favorite new language is Python and endorses Laravel. Hates automated mailers and people who call him N.